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Gin Tastings at The Vine .

strong gins

The Gin Drinker’s selection :: Strength in numbers!

Making more than just a comeback, gin has became the trendy tipple from hipsters to middle aged women alike. There really has been such a resurgence within the gin market and it’s no longer the mainstay at the back of yer grannie’s booze cupboard, but at the forefront of all the top bars and restaurants across the country! The selection we have here is tailored to the more seasoned gin-drinker, from the strong Pickering’s 57.1% Navy Strength gin to the incredibly smooth Dundee Gin 46% Dry Gin – definitely taking your taste buds on a pleasant trip through the field.

90 minutes // £35 pp

Tasting :: RockRose, Pickering’s Navy Strength Gin, Fifty Pounds Gin, Isle of Harris Gin & Dundee Gin’s Dry Gin. 

Served with nibbles and a gin & Prosecco cocktail to start!



Garden Party Selection :: Light and Fruity!

With the warm weather and blue(ish) skies upon us, it’s making us all feel just a little fruity, you know? Which has inspired this selection of gins and gin-based liqueurs! As an option to those who may not be as Gordon Ramsey when it comes to their gin critique but more so for those fruity people who just want a delicate flavour experience. We’ll take you from the cold and frosty Icelandic waters’ embodied in the lovely Martin Miller’s Gin to the sunny beaches of Spain with the flavoursome Larios Gin, a multi-cultural trip for the taste buds.

90 minutes // £30 pp

Tasting :: Martin Miller’s Gin, Edinburgh Gin Raspberry Liqueur, (Minus) -33, Pickering’s Sloe Gin & Larios Gin.

Served with nibbles and gin & Prosecco cocktail to start!





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